How to write a master’s thesis in 72 hours?

We spent the last week writing a master’s thesis … Ehhh. It’s a waste of words. But who does not believe that it is possible to write a master’s thesis in three days, it can be seriously mistaken. Well, maybe someone will say that it depends on what work, what is connected etc. So how to write a master’s thesis in computer science in 72h?

Master’s degree

Our work under the title “Project and implementation of project management system” was not easy with these easier ones, but we managed to write both the system and the text work in several hours. In general, the whole thing took me a week, but 3-4 days was practically olewka and reading materials. We also did something like a table of contents, but more detailed to write the whole text from the march. Now the devoted work lies in the dean’s office and is waiting for the defense of 29th September. Yes – We did not want to write a job for the date in June. In fact, We had only one subject in the last semester, but We did not want to write this master’s degree anyway. The work was written entirely from the finger, so We did not even check our anti-plagiarism. Some 47 pages of live text came out plus screenshots. First, describe the assumptions of the work – that the system that organizes tasks that awesome. Another topic is the technology used in the application – that the database, that asynchronously, that SPA, and that modern and awesome. The last stage is a description of the application itself in action – screenshots, information flow, operation. It is worth describing the main algorithm that makes our application so “amazing”. The description of this can take even the entire chapter if it is something interesting. Before describing the application, it is worth creating it to know what you are writing about and what mechanisms are happening in it. The implementation of the system was not very complicated. We made three tabs, a few actions to add, edit and delete. We connected the database and everything started working the way We wanted. Then there were only cosmetic patches in CSS, and We saved a lot of time using Bootstrap. The application has gone to a regular paid hosting with PHP support. We connected some domain to this domain. It works.


Also fortunate that We have a good promoter, with whom We also wrote an engineer and who does not cling to details. The engineer’s defense went quickly and without complications, practically it was a formality. At that time, it was a management system of the production plant. We had not much experience with PHP, but thanks to this work We learned this language to a greater extent. In addition, there was also the specialty “Programming web applications”, but counting on a large dose of interesting knowledge, we were disappointed in the curriculum. In the field of programming, We had only a semester as an assembler and a semester of Java. Nothing else. The rest were typical networks. Probably because the vast majority of colleagues from the year opted for the network operator’s path. In the job index, a Friday appeared.


The Master’s application works without reloading the page on PHP, jQuery with Ajax and MySQL – such as a SPA. It is generally about project management, reports and tasks. You can delegate tasks for repair and testing and control your working time. Good system for information flow in a software development company. The applications that support the flow of information inside the company are recently in demand, so We recommend doing something and letting it out in this topic. It’s nice to go all out and the app is ready for commercial expansion. Of course, it’s a joke. Do not believe that what you write for the university will bring you a fortune. As a rule, applications for engineering / master theses are very weak and poorly written. Our engineer was weak and the Master’s degree is also poor. This is a matter of learning and experience, and good applications are not written in two days. Well, unless prototypes on hackathons. In addition, you can not sell such an application because at the dean’s signing, the copyright becomes the property of the university.

In the meantime, we will see how successful the defense is.